March 31, 2015#

Press for Cymbals Eat Guitars

Some lovely press quotes about our recent video for Cymbals Eat Guitars track ‘Warning’ from their current album ‘Lose’ released via Barsuk and Tough Love Records:

“an impeccably shot, relentlessly adorable piece of filmmaking” – Steroegoum

“In the brilliantly directed music video, Cymbals Eat Guitars are reverted back to youth via teenage stand-ins who deliver some commendably impassioned (and entirely convincing) performances as they mimic the song. A sense of well-placed nostalgia is subtly added in through quick cuts revealing some classic posters and albums that likely served as influences for the band (and for Benjamin High, whose early departure was the event that inspired much of LOSE). “Warning” is lovingly edited and gorgeously lensed, it’s a video that manages to evoke a deeply-felt well of emotions. It’s a surprisingly moving complement to a song- and record- that deserved nothing less.” – Heartbreaking Bravery

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